Perhaps your company really does not have information that may be of interest to your competitors or other entities. But, without a doubt, your data is very important for your own business: sales accounting, list of counterparties, contacts of the most active customers, accounting, etc.; that is the reason for using the most secure virtual data rooms on the market.

One of the Most Effective Tools for Data Protection

Information security is a complex of certain technical and organizational measures. All of them relate to saving, and protecting information data, as well as various equipment that will be needed for processing, recording, storing, and transmitting this information. Under such a complex, it is customary to consider innovative technologies, methods, and established standards that are responsible for the successful management of information and thus ensure its reliable protection from outsiders.

One of the most effective tools for data protection is the virtual data room (VDR). Data room security of the enterprise is the state of protection of information from unauthorized access, destruction, modification, disclosure, and delays in receipt. The main goals of the VDR providers for your business are:

  • Ensuring reliable access to information for all users who have passed authorization on the web resource and the ability to obtain the necessary information resources quickly and without unnecessary obstacles;
  • Guarantees preservation of information in integrity and inviolability. Data must be well protected against third-party interference and unauthorized access. Mechanisms must be implemented that will make it impossible to destroy and replace them.
  • Ensuring high standards of confidentiality of users’ personal data, payment details, and virtual funds.

The goal of information security with the data rooms is to ensure business continuity and protect information data and infrastructure from accidental or intentional interference that could lead to data loss or unauthorized modification. For example, a company employee uses the same password for many systems. This is quite a serious problem. Remembering multiple passwords is always difficult, so users often use a single password for all systems. If a password leak occurs, a potential attacker will be able to gain access to almost the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

The Most Reliable Data Room Providers on the Market

  1. Intralinks.

Intralinks provide more structure to your data; For example, you can specify what data types can be entered, what values can be entered, and how data in one table is related to data in other tables. This framework helps ensure that only the correct data types are entered. A tightly coupled system consists of component systems that use independent processes to create and publish an integrated federated schema.

  1. Securedocs.

Thanks to the convenient categorization structure of object stores and the absence of folder hierarchies, you can get your data much faster with Securedocs. Layered security, built-in controls, and intelligent threat detection keep your data safe. Securedocs is about the secure separation of documents during due diligence and other critical business processes.

  1. iDeals.

iDeals provider offers many benefits. One of its key benefits is that it serves as an alternative method for joining multiple databases, which is quite a challenge for most end users. Flexible and fast serverless computing with hyper scale storage adapts quickly to changing requirements. Such a system can basically include preventive means of protection, and a procedure for backing up confidential information, a prescribed algorithm of action in the event of a cyberattack.